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At South Aiken Baptist Daycare, we offer all-day programs for children 6 weeks to 3 years, half-day care for 3-4 years, and after-school care for children 5 years and above. 


6 weeks to 4 months

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4 months to 9 months

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9 months to 12 months

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12 months to 18 months

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18 months to 2 years

Our academic curriculum begins in the 18-24 month class. Our skilled pre-school teachers instruct on how to hold a pencil, to identify and write numbers and letters, and to identify all colors. Children enjoy indoor and outdoor play times with a hot lunch, nap, and snack dispersed throughout.

2 years to 3 years

The 2 and 3 year old class also employs a daily academic curriculum with more focus on reading, writing, memorization, and following of instructions. Children in this age group also enjoy indoor and outdoor play each day with a hot lunch, nap, and snack. 

3 years to 4 years (After-School; Half-day) 

Immediately following your child's half-day classes at South Aiken Baptist Christian School, he/she is served a hot lunch. After a brief nap-time, children are able to play outside, eat a quick snack, then take part in center play with building, drawing, and coloring activities until pick-up. 

5 years and Up! (After-School Care)

After school, your child's first priority will be study and homework followed by the choice to play outside, play a board game, or take part in on of the many activities available. 

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